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Wednesday 13 April - Lund to Von Donop Inlet

Hello again all our avid blog readers - we are finally back in radio contact so the blog for the last few days will all come at once!

Wednesday: Lund to Von Donop Inlet - Destination Desolation

In preparation for a day's cruising, we enjoyed a huge breakfast courtesy of Paul at Nancy's Bakery in Lund and set off for Von Donop Inlet on full stomachs and with some homemade bread. The cruise as usual was beautiful and calm and we slipped through the water very calmly into the inlet, where we anchored up inside a deserted cove. Dad (David) decided to experiment with his new gear, and we proceeded to get the new tender out for her maiden voyage. Argument ensued as to the most appropriate name and she is therefore still suffering from an identity crisis being called Portia by half the crew, and Prawn Basher by the other half. (As the lady writing this blog was of the latter persuasion, she will be referred to as Prawn Basher for the rest of this blog entry). So, Dad (David) took command of Prawn Basher and dropped us youngsters off at various parts of the cove in order to find the start of the trail to Squirrel Cove. After a couple of false starts we set off on an uphill track through the forest which was alive with wildlife, funghi and the sound of our pounding, slightly unfit, hearts. It took us all the way to the top of the hill before we realised, with an innate sense of failure, that in fact the trail was taking us in quite the opposite direction from Squirrel Cove, so we headed back and vowed to find the trail the next day after a good night's sleep.

After straddling the huge boulder, Paul would never be the same

Our own private anchorage

The narrow passage expertly navigated by Dad/David

Prawn Basher's maiden voyage

Last Mango looking serene

Thursday: A Day In The Life of Von Donop - Walk to Squirrel Cove

We had a long lie in (so, 9am then) and a great breakfast and then set off to the one part of the cove we had not yet checked for the Squirrel Cove trail. Of course, it was glaringly obvious once we found it, and we set off upwards into the forest with increased gusto. Once again, our orienteering skills were in doubt as we found ourselves at the end of the trail fairly quickly and saw no sign of the civilisation we had been promised by the guide books. In fact, it was simply a collection of bogs and some driftwood... so we were forced back to find another trail and managed to do just that, culminating in a seriously long walk towards the Indian village  at Squirrel Cove and the road to Whaletown. It was a lovely trek through the forest, finishing up at the Salmon Enhancement Facility, which offered anything from rhinoplasty to bridal make-up for our as yet elusive (see later Salmon related blog) fishy friends. Once we found Squirrel Cove it was a feast of hot chocolate and carrot cake that saved us from the cold and wet weather and needless to say, after getting back to the boat around 5pm we slept seriously well that night, anchored in our own little port of Desolation Sound.

Relationship Counselling was optional at the facility

Dan's lifejacket threatened to swallow him and the kayak whole

Dad/David soon realised with dismay that his brand new outboard motor didn't run on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

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