Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday 17th April - Heriot Bay to Gorge Harbour: Birthday Boy

Today was Paul's birthday (21..... again) so Dan and Jo treated us all to a Birthday Breakfast (aka "All You Can Possibly Eat") at the Heriot Bay restaurant before we departed and waved a sad goodbye to Heriot Bay. Obviously, bearing in mind the boys' incredible propensity to catch absolutely nothing, it was Rods At Dawn again as everyone took to the stern for some fishing off Rebecca's Spit for exceptionally elusive Salmon. After a while everyone started blaming everyone else for our utter uselessness and it wasn't long before we set off again, the birthday boy somewhat dejected having been denied his Birthday Fish Bonanza. Susie fortunately managed to nab another Ling Cod (too small unfortunately so was delicately returned home by our on board vet nurse) and then Dan was blessed with the ugliest fish on the planet - a rockfish, which was similarly thrown back, but with slightly less tenderness. After that we cruised onwards towards the picturesque Gorge Harbour, where Paul and I (Vic) immediately disembarked into the kayaks and paddled around the serene inlet in the sun. That evening, I made a special birthday dinner for Paul, which was complimented by Susie's World Famous Carrot Cake, complete with candles and some terrible happy birthday singing.

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