Sunday, April 24, 2011

Apr 24, 2011 - Ganges Harbour to Vancouver: Goodbye Last Mango!

Well, the day started off lovely first thing as we set off from Ganges, but quickly turned miserable as we approached Vancouver - outdone only by our similarly miserable mood as the final leg of our two week cruise was sadly completed. Cruise highlights consisted of our negotiation of three ferries in Active Pass, the log boom alongside us on which several eagles and seals had caught a lazy lift, and my personal race to actually finish the blog we started...

Heading off to the airport soon, and we must say it has been a pleasure and a priviledge to cruise in Last Mango with her illustrious crew of David and Susie. We recommend it to everyone!

In a short overview...

374.58 miles were travelled by The Youngsters; 700 Scrabble tiles were placed; 40 cans of Canada Dry were consumed; 6 Telegraph Cryptic Crosswords were completed; 32 logs were avoided, 15 Captains Logs were written and who knows how many others...; 1 Carrot Cake was consumed in 2 days; 1 boy turned 39; 67 prawns were caught and consumed; 3 Ling Cod and 1 Rockfish were caught; 60 ropes were lashed and no boats were bashed; two kayaks were paddled, with 4 miles on the kayak-ometer; 1 black squirrel was spotted; 7 mating peacocks were watched; 2 anchors were dropped; 2357 photographs were taken (759 of those taken by Jo need to be deleted); 391 rules were broken - 1 very important one; 4 crew members were initiated; 9 successful dockings were completed; 2 language barriers were appreciated; 1 8th wonder of the world was 'discovered'; 30 letters make up the names of the Last Mango crew for the last 2 weeks; 2 Engagements were announced; 1 Easter was celebrated; 0 fish caught by Paul; 17 visits to well stocked general stores, for specific items; 1 Metalpecker spotted; 4 Firewhiskies consumed by two crew members; 1 man hug shared and 1 enormously fun holiday was enjoyed.

Lots and lots of love to Dad/David and Susie for a lovely time; thank you from all the Youngsters xxxx

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