Sunday, April 24, 2011

Apr 23, 2011 - Ganges Harbour: Hello Spring!

We were lucky enough to share the hottest day so far for the Salt Spring Islanders, as the sun rose in a cloudless sky for a fantastic day of Canadian pursuits on our penultimate day of holiday. We started with a hearty breakfast and a mimosa, before several hours perusing all the island had to offer at the Saturday market stalls. The youngsters then headed off for some breathless hiking (with matching views) before enjoying some Granville Brewery reminiscing on an ignominous park bench in front of the harbour. We were then treated, in the evening sunshine, to a fabulous BBQ by the Captain before our final game of Scrabble. The girls ended on a high, reaching the dizzying heights of 370 after a ludicrously fantastic positioning of an 'X' and a "Z" before a phenomenal 7 letter word. "Singeing" has never felt so good - even after the carcinogenic lamb consumed by Paul for dinner. A really great day to end on - in a beautiful place.

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