Tuesday, April 12, 2011

False Creek to Pender Harbour - Prawn Prospecting

Leaving behind all jokes of a scatological nature, on Monday we cruised up from False Creek, Vancouver, up to the adorably local Pender Harbour in a very civilised manner. After an exceptionally fresh start, the sun accompanied us all the way up the coast - placating the English visitors who on Saturday left behind an unusual heat wave back home. Highlights along the way consisted of an impressive Captain's Breakfast, an even more impressive 'snack', followed by an enthusiastic High Luncheon: Last Mango's honorary new crew giving Dad and Susie's previously plentiful food supply a run for its money. We also managed to spy some sea lions, a couple of eagles and a vast variety of unidentifiable birds (one was apparently a "peking duck"). In an attempt to reverse the rapidly diminishing crew rations, we decided to throw down the gauntlet for the British Columbian Prawn Industry, sacrifice the gourmet cat food Dan had otherwise saved in the fridge "for emergencies only', and put some traps out before the Pender Harbour approach. Needless to say this resulted in a fiercely competitive family sweepstakes. Fortunately the resulting palpable tension on the boat didn't stop us from being permitted into the harbour, so we moored up and relaxed. Obviously our next move involved foraging for more sustenance, so we threw the tender into the water (forgive me for my lack of boating vocab) and set off in a seriously overcrowed dingy to the unprepared supermarket. With more food in the fridge and each young man breathing a sigh of relief, we walked up to the Garden Bay Pub for dinner, where Joanna's visual interpretation of a caveman whilst eating pork ribs was the highlight of the night. After that stomach churning sight we bedded down on the 'Mango to a well deserved sleep.

Wonder what she'd do if I told her 'pork' meant 'dog' in Canadian?

False Creek - looks pretty real to me

A real Captain's Breakfast (now what was that 'log' joke?)

Charades was never Paul's strong point

The paparrazi takes many forms as Victoria's celebrity status catches up to Pender Harbour

Our ickle prawn traps taking on the world... Dan's wager: "I reckon we'll have five... and a dead one".

Some more Nordhavn Dreamers

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