Sunday, April 24, 2011

Apr 20, 2011 - Princess Cove to Victoria: Welcome to Me!

We reluctantly left our beautiful cove early in the morning, slipping expertly between the still slumbering sailors in the two remaining boats. We reached Victoria by lunchtime and treated ourselves to a nice lunch on the harbourside complete with cocktails. Our mission afterwards was to find Roots, where - such tourists we are - we decided to equip ourselves in clothing identifying us as Canadians. Or, rather, Canada supporters. We then split up, the youngsters heading off in the direction of Beacon Park, enjoying a magic show on the way and encountered some impressive peacocks in the middle of a long mating ritual. After that we headed out all together to the Canoe Club where we amused ourselves watching Ice Hockey, drinking Dark & Stormy (Susie and my drink of choice) and eating fantastic burgers. Obviously wearing our new purchases (come on, we only brought hand luggage and we were here for 2 weeks!!) we were easily mistaken for Canadians. A great night!

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