Sunday, March 4, 2012

On to Huatulco

After a great few weeks in PV we were finally moving South. Captain Bernie Francis has joined us for these next stages of our journey; based in Florida he specializes in Nordhavns; commissioning new boats, training new owners, and generally assisting in the movement and management of Nordhavns all over the world. Bernie is great to have on board and his extensive knowledge of all the systems and equipment on board is a great asset and valuable investment in the trip. On Day 1, as we settled in to the routines, one entry in the Log stands out: "Born in London, England, at 725pm Evie-Jane, 7lbs 1 oz - first grandchild - congratulations to Victoria and Paul"! By Day 2 we were 30m offshore away (generally) from fishing pangas and only needed to monitor the AIS traffic. Sea and weather were benign. Wildlife included marlin, dorado, dolphins, and many turtles. So many that we conducted an experiment on Day 4; in 2 hours we counted 121. In the morning of Day 5 we were pulling in to well-run Marina Chahue in the charming little town of Huatulco. We spent the day obtaining our exit papers from Mexico, changing the oils and filters on the main, and having a very pleasant supper near the busy main square. We head South further into Central America in the morning. Four months in Mexico has been most enjoyable although I have suspicions about a country which can't make good cheese. Or perhaps that this country presents to the world a welcoming face which masks evident dysfunctions and disturbing undertones.

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