Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Last Mango returns to PV

We left Mazatlan at a leisurely hour for the 176 mile run to Puerto Vallarta. Wind overnight was 6 knots and the sea was 1 to 2 feet....not bad at all. And we were able to listen to our new compilation album of 94 blues tracks put together by Dan, it is turning into our night passage music. On the way into Banderas Bay the log reads 0710 whale; 0715 mother and calf; 0715 whale; 0730 whales; 0745 whale; 0800 humpback breaching show. And there is other wildlife at Paradise Village, the tiger cub below was very thirsty and playful; one of 74 they have bred here in the last few years. Last Mango has been back in the slip she vacated two years ago; what an adventure it has been, 8,057 miles to Alaska and back.

The pace of life here in Puerto Vallarta is gentle; there are the pools, the beach, the yacht club, and everything the resort has to offer. Then there is the
3 dollar return bus fare to the old town to explore the picturesque
streets, bars and restaurants. A pool table for a few hours and as much beer as you need is thirty dollars. The tacos are one dollar each in the street stalls. There are plenty of varied restaurants and for those who don't suffer my allergy to tat shops plenty of that if it turns you on. I had earlier commented on the collapsed economy of Mazatlan. The cruise ships had axed that stop, for all sorts of reasons maybe, and the town was empty. Here in PV the cruise ships including Disney Wonder and Oosterdam (our old friends seen on the AIS in Alaska) are still despatching their passengers to flush the local economy with dollars.

Our visitors here have had a great time exploring and we have been very impressed with the local people here and their friendliness and helpfulness. This is a good place to get your boat washed, waxed and polished; the docks have a good supply of willing labor at sensible prices.
The marina looks after you very well, especially if you move to a slip with less swell than those nearer the entrance. We moved inside and closer to the wild life - crocs basking on the banks at low tide. The fishing report has not been so good; the water in Banderas Bay is a little too cold for pelagics. Our fishing day produced plenty of prodigous jacks but nothing tasty enough to put on the grill - but then our log for the day did incude 35 whales, two manta rays, and a loggerhead turtle.

For live music, friends introduced us to Philo's in La Cruz. Philo has everything superbly organized for us itinerant jammers. We lined up with the band and watched for the cues; a couple of memorable Thursday nights. At any one time there were ten in the band and it was rockin'.

Susie's son and granddaughter had a fabulous time swimming with the dolphins at AquaVenturas; certainly a great dolphin show and family day out to be remembered for many a year.

At the weekend we are going to make a move from here and head South. We are planning a relatively swift passage via Panama to explore Atlantic waters and open up a new chapter. Stand by.................

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