Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Panama photo catch-up

 I haven't been able to upload photos via the email link, needs more experimentation. So here are the back-log photos, I hope the presentation is not too messy. I will put some minimal commentary - essentially they relate to the trip to the canal and the canal transit itself.

First, on the left, Last Mango heading out into the Gulf of Tehuantepec, getting across just in front of a 50-knot T-Pecker storm.

Above is the hook and fishing line caught around the starboard stabilizer.And on the left, the 10,000 milestone for our passages to date.

Above - the yellowfin tuna caught 100 miles off Guatemala. Below - the six of us having our eve-of canal supper in Bella Gianni, El Cangrejo, Panama

 Six of us in the cockpit of Last Mango awaiting transit. Below - Chris, Dad and Susie after we had tied the tyres on.

On the right, below, our transit advisor Amado coming aboard on the pilot launch off Flanenco Island.

Above - Bridge of the Americas, the start of our Northbound transit.

The view at the Miraflores Locks, and entering the locks behind the Crown Garnet and Speculator.

Rafted up to Speculator.

Bad boy Magna Carta behind, center chamber.

 Rafted to Speculator.
Passing under Centennial Bridge.

Pedro Miguel Lock.

Above - final view down the Gatun Locks - 85' fall over the three locks

Finally, phew!

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