Friday, December 28, 2012


The concept of time is one that has fascinated scientists and philosophers for years. Whether time exists or whether it is an intellectually convenient concept of measurement derived from regular physical movement or repeating events. For us humans however we are all too aware that our life spans are measurable and that we are only going to see a finite number of sunrises.

The Admiral and I had been discussing for some while how we would design our forward schedule. We have other projects in mind and there is a great deal happening in our lives. Looking back over the last three years aboard Last Mango we had traversed the North American continent from Alaska to New England, some 15,000 miles, in distance more than half way round the planet. For us it has been one of those superprojects that had been in genesis for a number of years; a series of personal challenges which we had never before had the luxury of tackling and enjoying - we had never had available to us the limited resource required - time.

Our continuing wish list included a trip across the Pacific, exploring Australasia, and getting around the Mediterranean. I spent a while analysing the logistical implications and realised, regrettably, that we would need to commit a fair number of years to such a plan if we were to continue to do it by sea. Considering our responsibilities to ourselves and family we started developing the idea that we would need to move on from our cruising life. We had great regrets from doing so - we wanted the adventure to go on and on! I put feelers out as regards listing Last Mango for sale. The Nordhavn 55 market has been pretty active lately with a new generation of Dreamers taking the wheel from previous explorers. We arrived in Old Port Cove, Florida and spent some days running through our routine of cleaning, polishing, maintaining (we always do this before we start the social blitz). I discussed with James Knight the possibility of listing the boat and suddenly we were getting our things on board packed and into store............our forward schedule was that we would travel soon to Memphis, Tennessee to stay with friends for the holidays so something was running out - time. It transpired that the stars were in alignment. A buyer out there was keen to find his 55. All too soon we were walking away from the dock leaving our beloved boat for ever. Today the sale completed. No doubt she will have many more adventures and help future owners live their dream but for us the time was up.

Looking back over our journey I want to thank many friends along the way. Captain John Clayman; our mentor over the whole piece. Captain Jerry Taylor; who oversaw Last Mango's renaissance when we bought her. Captain Bernie Francis; our ever patient and knowledgable trainer and adviser. Our friends on Gabriola Island and in Vancouver who looked after us so well while we were based in the PNW. All our West Coast friends from Alaska to Haida Gwaii to Panama. The FUBARistas on the Mexico Rally. Fellow guitar players and jammers. Our family crew; Jo and Dan, Vik and Paul, Luke and Amy, Spenser and Jenny, cabin girls Ellie and Evie-Jane. All our friends who came on board. My Panama Canal crew - Dad, Chris, Bernie, Pete. All our East Coast friends. James Knight; who knows more about looking after Nordhavns than just about anyone else on the planet and who executed one of the fastest sales on record. I salute the Admiral; who ten years ago had no idea that she was going to (a) get her own captain's licence (b) become an accomplished mariner (c) put up with me and my project stream. Last but not least, the Nordhavn Community, a vibrant and energising group of entrepreneurs and adventurers, we will miss you.

As to forward plans, we have none. Time with family especially grandchildren. No doubt some chartering and crewing. More explorations by land. What a luxury having time to fill! Knowing us, we will think of something to keep us just as busy as ever. Now, what project shall I work on first....................