Saturday, May 12, 2012

From our Underway log, our run North has been as follows. Firstly we left Beaufort NC and headed inside on the ICW. The whole day is a tricky exercise in steering the boat since the channel is narrow and sparsely marked; see the picture below for the size of tug that can be encountered from time to time. Wild areas of countryside. And many of the channel markers have osprey nests, so the Admiral was snapping away on the camera. The first day included also some open stretches on the Neuse River, with some rough estuary seas. After 63 miles we found a place to tie up at Belhaven, the Forest Manor, once upon a time a stately mansion, now boarded up and waiting the revival. Next morning we were again on our way at 0630 following travelling companions on Dauntless, another trawler. Another long run which included open stretches of the Albemarle Sound, and the odd bridge with our favorite radio operator - every response was "10-4". The day's run - 77 miles -  ended at Coinjock Marina, clearly a legendary stop en-route. Diesel is just under USD 3.50 a gallon, and Ed and Danny on Dauntless asked us to join them for cocktails and then the 16 oz prime rib dinner; a great evening. The next day we had to factor in an unexpected bridge repair - there was emergency closure from 0600 to 2000 at the Gilmerton Rail Bridge. This resulted in a late departure from Coinjock and some travel strategy; there are a number of bridges with set opening times and also the Great Bridge the end, we had on of those slow-quick-quick-slow days and finally we arrived Portsmouth around 2230; pouring with rain. The next day we walked the Olde Towne, a mixture of 18th and 19th centuries, very scenic. Having checked the weather (vastly improved), next morning we were on our way out into the Chesapeake and a 51 mile run to Deltaville; once there we borrowed the marina bikes and checked out the town.......a short trip! Today it has been silky smooth on the water and a pleasant run to Solomons, Maryland, a big yachting centre. It is a lively place, and we have been out to the hostelry with more new friends in this small world, remembering mutual cases and acquaintances in the global world of forensic accounting...........

Tug and barge on the ICW - stay clear!

Many, many breeding Osprey pairs to see

Sunset on the Chesapeake

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