Saturday, April 7, 2012

Taking a breather

We are going to take some time out of the cruising for
a few weeks while we decide where to go next.

I do have some more photos relevant to the recent trip. Firstly we have Captain Don flying by instruments during our long passage from Panama. And I have some data from the travels over the past few months while we were transitioning from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Since our departure from San Diego, California on 6 November we have travelled 5,700 miles. Fuel consumption over the whole period was 3,100 gallons, not bad at all. In that period there were only two engineering issues to deal with; a new exhaust bracket and a stabilizer
control box. We have hardly dented the spares
cache but we have made some inroads to the oil stockpile.
While we were on the way North from Panama towards Cuba we had some extra passengers - see the exhausted colorful swallow in the picture, he just sat on the cockpit rail all day and watched us trying to reel in the elusive fish. There was a whole flight of his colleagues up on the flybridge rails.
After we had left Key West we headed around the Keys in Hawk Passage, anchoring on successive nights off Channel Five and then Key Biscayne, off downtown Miami.
The passage then turned inland and we headed into the ICW for a stop at Fort Lauderdale. The following day was all about the bridge openings on Channel 12. From the very first bridge you just have to get your timings right, otherwise you miss the scheduled opening and have to wait. It was essential to have the listing of bridges, distances, and timings in front of the helmsman.
Finally we arrived at Old Port Cove which is going to be Last Mango's home for a little while. We have arranged for a haulout locally to get the bottom painted and some scheduled maintenance done by the local Nordhavn specialists; we will take off home to Panama for a couple of weeks and catch up on land-borne affairs.  

Finally, here are Chris, Dad and myself after our passage through the Panama Canal and across the Caribbean to Florida. A great experience for all of us.

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