Saturday, July 2, 2011

Haida Gwaii photos

Queen Charlotte Harbour

The party at Queen B's
 I am taking advantage of the present internet coverage to post these images from Haida Gwaii. The harbour at QC City was THE place for networking onshore and aboard. And here on the blog I can post more indulgent photos of guitar playing. But it was a great party, another notorious night out at Queen B's.

The Tree of Lost Souls

Tow Hill and the Beach
Jack and Sharleen have created a wonderful gallery of collected beachcombed items and have grown the legendary Lost Soul Tree. Floating all the way from Japan come old glass fishing floats - in the old days the fish boats had a glass blower on board.

Bill Williams

The guitars are out again!

We so much enjoyed our travels with Bill Williams on Ibis, and friends on Steel Eagle,
Canik and Estrellita. We will
meet up again, in another harbour, another time.

Steel Eagle, Canik and LM in Island Bay

In the Hot Spring, LM at anchor
 At Hot Spring Island we played "find the anchorage" for a while. Last Mango was
happy resting on the hook while we lazed in the three
pools, each one hotter than
the last. And hot showers of
course in the changing rooms.
And good halibut from Michael - thank you!

Catching "sharkey"

Prawn trap harvest
 As I say, we had no luck on the prawn front. Just look at the size of that kelp ball on the right. Took an hour to cut it away. Fishing was not really
productive. A few sharks and
poor old rocky rockfish.

Giant spruce at Windy Bay

Stunning scenery
 At Windy Bay we found the giant spuce that the loggers missed.

If you go to Haida Gwaii, the Douglas book is essential for information on anchoring. And Neil Frazer's book on Boat Camping has brilliantly sharp
observations on the history of the islands and the events of the last couple of hundred years.

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