Friday, March 18, 2011

On the Hard in Ballard

We are hauled and up on the hard here in historic Ballard. Very convenient; I am pleased to report that the local brewed IPA is available a mere two blocks from the yard. Not to mention The Quilting Loft, Sam's Sushi and a host of other great shops and places nearby. More restaurants than one could possibly explore in a couple of weeks. But it's worth a try!

Our under the waterline inspection showed that we had damaged a winglet. These are the lateral extensions on the stabilizers. Our port side winglet was damaged - on the inside, and above the keel line. We must have been travelling at quite a few knots to have caused the damage so I guess that it was a submerged log or deadhead. We are having ABT send us a new one to replace the damaged part so that sets us back a little on the likely splash date.
There is a lot of work going on ....

But she is still home...............

The first week of maintenance has covered quite a range of items. The EPIRB has been tested; life raft taken for a service, fire extinguishers recertified; windlass checked over; propane system repaired; the bottom and all undersea fittings (props and keel coolers) have been painted and zincs renewed throughout, along with servicing the stabilizers.The dinghy was sent off for an outboard service; the new Porta-Bote has been assembled and new Honda 2HP delivered, along with a couple of kayaks. Work is continuing resealing the starboard hand and rub rails since it is believed that rain water seepage is the source of the leaks around the starboard fuel tank. And the leak into the overhead from the pilothouse head looks like it was a hose poorly bent round some chinese woodwork (actually you could probably re-arrange those words and get the right effect!).

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